Mission Statement

Our goal is to uphold the highest of medical standards while treating all patients with dignity and respect. We recognize each patient is unique and seek to meet their individual needs. It is our pledge to provide the best possible care for our patients. To accomplish this, we provide primary and specialty orthopedic care to patients of all ages and are prepared to meet our patients’ comprehensive orthopaedic needs using the most advanced physical rehabilitation, non-surgical and surgical treatments available.

We recognize our staff is a key element in these goals. They are our best envoys and are here to help each patient’s recovery occur with the support and understanding required during the healing process. In order to best serve our patients, we strongly support education at all levels. We expect that our medical support staff will continue to improve their own skills though active ongoing self-education. In addition, each one of the physicians, physician’s associates, nurses, medical staff, rehabilitation specialists, and business staff members are expected to be the best in our respective fields. Our physicians are innovators in their fields and at the same time we share our expertise with others. Our physicians and staff actively participate in the education of other health care professionals.

We believe medical care should be between the doctor and their patient. Through upholding our ideals and giving the best possible care we will not lose this important aspect of medicine to the complexity of the health care delivery system.

We understand that it is our patients that give all of these efforts their purpose and meaning. A rapid recovery from our patients’ orthopedic conditions is our shared goal. Together, as a team of experts, we strive to offer a level of care often missing in medicine today.